Guideline to Select a Dentist

1. How long the dentist work in this practice?
2. Do the dental practice under infection control procedures?
3. Does the dentist offer different choices in treatment plan?
4. Is the dentist available for after-hours emergency coverage?
5. Are the facilities neat and clean?
6. Is your referral source like friends can be trusted?
7. Does the dentist do a variety of procedures "in-office" or will I be referred out for many procedures?
8. What hours are they open?
9. Do they treat children?
10. Does the dentist involve the patient in the treatment planning phase?

Why Dentist @ Beach?

1. We offer reasonable and standardized fixed fees. No extra or hidden charges such as service charges, appointment fees, hospital fees,
sterilization fees, taxes etc.
2.We offers all dental specialty fields performing under the same roof.
3.Our office is located in heart of Pattaya closing to budget to luxury hotels and accommodations.
4.Our infection control systems are 100 % imported from USA and our office is complete clean and infection free.
5.The dentist who deal with you is owner of dental practice.
6. We always offer choices of treatment plan and give for patients to decide.
7.We open everyday and accept emergency call or email after working hour.
8. We experience to deal with foreigners and short staying period patients.
9. We offer latest technologies such as laser surgery, CAD/CAM computer designed dental restoration. Our dental chair are 100% import from USA.
10. We offer free consultation by visit or email. Patients have no obligation that you need to come here to work with us after get consultation

Guideline to Select a Dentist

Types of Dental Specialist

There are eight specialist dentists based on American system (ADA)

1. Prosthodontist- Dental restorations such as crown and bridge frameworks, inlay/onlay, dentures.
2. Endodontist - Root canal treatment (RCT) and internal soft tissue of the tooth
3. Periodontist - Gum diseases
4. Pediatric Dentist - Dental health for children
5. Orthodontist - Orthodontic works, Braces, teeth alignment and teeth appearance
6. Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon - Treats injuries and deformities, extracts teeth and performs surgery of the mouth, jaw and face.
7. Public Health Specialist - Coordinates and administers community-wide dental care programs, including public education on the prevention of dental disease.
8. Oral Pathologist - Researches the causes, development and effects of oral diseases.

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