Dental ClinicDental Clinic Facilities | Dentist @ Beach Dental Clinic

Our dental office is located in Central Festival Pattaya Beach. Apart from Dentist @ Beach - Dental Clinic, there are ranges of shopping outlets, well-known restaurants, chain stores and Bank We offers everything in one place from fast food to fine dinning, family entertainment, beauty treatments, shopping and banking.

  • Central Festival Pattaya Beach viewed from Beach Rd.
  • Dentist @ Beach Reception
  • Dental Clinic and other health care services are on the 4th floor.
  • Central Festival view on top down
  • Flower decoration in dental clinic
  • Inside the mall, varieties of shops, restaurants and movie theater
  • Dental Room corridor
  • Teeth Whitening accelerator
  • Office stone decoration
  • Mini garden in clinic
  • Dental Room: 1st unit
  • Dental Room: 2nd unit
  • Sofa and waiting area
  • Dental Equipments: cleaned and sterilized
  • Dental Room: 2nd unit (2)
  • Inside the mall (2)

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