Teeth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching

Dentist @ Beach offers several options both in-office and at-home teeth whitening. We are only one dental practice offering full ranges of teeth whitening options in Pattaya.

1. At-Home Bleaching Tray

Dentists will take impression of patient mouth to make trays that fits their upper and lower teeth jaw. You will use the trays at home together with whitening gels our dental practice provide. You can buy the whitening gels from us or third party. Your teeth will gradually become whiter in 1-2 weeks afterwards.

  • 1st Step:
    Dentists take patient teeth impression.
  • 2nd Step:
    Dentists duplicate model of your teeth and create custom trays for upper and lower teeth.
  • 3rd Step:
    Patients apply the whitening gels to custom trays.
  • 4th Step:
    Entry the trays firmly in your mouth waiting for 1- 2 hours. Repeat the procedures every days or nights until the color become whiter.

2. LED technology (Light Emitting Diode)

This traditional in-office teeth whitening is widely used for decades. It is proved to be very efficient method to whiten patient teeth and still being used worldwide by dental professionals. Dentists will use curing light to activate bleaching gel such as Opalescence, Nite White, Day White, Nupro Gold or Achromasia for 2-3 times; 30 minutes each times. Your teeth will become whiter in 1-2 hours at Pattaya dental practice.

3. Laser technology (Laser Diode)

Laser is not only used in Pattaya dentistry for Crown Lengthening, Gingivectomy, Sulcular Debridement, Tissue Retraction for Impression, Operculectomy, Implant recovery, this technology is also used in teeth whitening manners. It is enhancement technology from LED teeth whitening. Several reports reveal effective of laser in teeth whitening. So, it is extremely popular procedure recently. We use diode laser wave range 810 - 980 nm to active whitening gel. The results will be whiter and less sensitive than conventional LED method.

4. Zoom!2 Chairside

the second generation of the popular Zoom! Whitening System. This is the same product of Discus Dental Inc, USA who produce BriteSmile (Hollywood smile) system, the leading in North America teeth whitening market. Zoom2! system emit light wave ranging of 350-400nm to activate inclusive patent gel to make teeth whiter. The company claim approximately 7-8 shades different. The products are specially designed for their own systems; Zoom lamp, Zoom whitening kits, Zoom light guide and proprietary whitening gels.

Q & A

What causes discoloration of the teeth?

Teeth enamel discoloration can be caused by staining, aging, or chemical damage to teeth. Some of the common causes are medications, coffee, tea or cigarettes. Other factors like genetic, enamel, and disease are also related.

Why do laser teeth whitening can help you?

Teeth whitening become the most popular procedures perform in the field of cosmetic dentistry over last 10 years. This is one of the quickest methods designed to reverse the effects of all teeth discoloration causes. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth and laser light is used to activate the crystals to absorb the energy from the light and then penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the lightening effect on the teeth.

How white can your teeth become?

You can expect at least 2-3 up to 8 shades improvement. This makes a significant difference in just about anyone's smile. However, your results may vary depending on the type of stain thickness of enamel.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Results can last for years assuming good hygiene and reasonable exposure to staining foods and beverages. However, actual results may vary due to individual differences to tooth structure and personal habits.

Is it harmful or painful?

Teeth whitening is totally safe and designed to anyone. The whitening gel ingredient has been used over 50 years and is recognized as safe and effective by dental community. Very small percentage may experience some sensitivity during procedure and all will be recovered within 24 hours.

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